Catholic Charities Christmas Collection

Today I'm smiling, but three years ago I had so much on my heart. Child Protective Services was in my life because of the choices I was making.

But then I came to St. Margaret's Shelter to change my life for myself and my daughter. I worked hard, and when I left St. Margaret's I had a place to live, a job at the Catholic Charities Furniture Bank and my daughter! I was able to turn my employment at the Furniture Bank into a full-time warehouse job.

My daughter was able to attend St. Anne's Children and Family Center through a state pay program and now attends 2nd grade at a local elementary school.

Today, I work part-time at St. Margaret's through my school's work study program and am two quarters away from a degree at Spokane Community College. I just applied to the Social Work program at Eastern Washington University and hope to become a professional someday soon, helping women like myself.

Your gift to Catholic Charities matters - I am living proof!

Catholic Charities Christmas Collection
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